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Class Types

Just learning the ropes? We got you! This class is all the fundamentals of Pilates if you are new to it. This is an all level friendly class so if you want to add progressions you can be guided to do so. Don't worry you will still get your booty kicked! 

Beginner Class
50 minutes

Rose Pilates offers a reformer class that includes a full body workout, focusing on controlled and resisted movements. Offering different types of Pilates workouts to your liking, including classical reformer Pilates, beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. 

Mixed Equipment 
50 minutes

Combines Pilates exercises with stretching to help you achieve a toned body and improved flexibility. During the class, you can expect to use props such as resistance bands and small weights to intensify your workout. The class is suitable for all fitness levels and is designed to challenge your body while also reducing muscle tension and promoting overall well-being.

Stretch & Strengthen
50 minutes

This is a fun, low impact way to get your cardio in. Laying on your back using the reformers Jumpboard and jumping against the springs tension. This has shown to be better for your joints. 

Cardio Reformer
50 minutes
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